Yogic Presence Pyradigm Model and Human Field Theory | Raghu Ananthanarayanan, Hari Kiran Vadlamani, Prasad Kaipa and Brhm. Sai Sambat

IIW Web Team 25 November, 2022

A Position Paper on the Yogic Presence Pyradigm Model and the Human Field Theory was presented by Raghu Ananthanaraynan at the 6th International Association of Management, Spirituality and Religion (IAMSR) Conference and First Review Conference WU Vienna, Austria, 7-8 September 2022.

The paper details the Yogic Presence Pyradigm Model and Human Field Theory as a basis for developing conscious and wise leaders who could address the enormous challenges posed by Anthropecene.

The Anthropocene is an inflexion point that has many dimensions. Our current reality is the result of the success of many human endeavours, but also because of the unexamined and unintended shadow aspects of the way we use resources and the way we relate with each other. We have inherited several dilemmas. Science and Technology (S&T) have brought us here, but it is through the wise use of S&T that we can find away out; the religious practice has brought us here but it is through spirituality that we can find a way out; it is our ability to organize that has brought us here, but unbridled profit-seeking is destroying us. These are polarities and paradoxes that must be transcended if we are to shape the path that will
shift our trajectory in the direction of positive evolution.

The outer is a reflection of the inner- the way we see ourselves and our world. We must turn inward and transform the inner and act from this transformed self in a way that nourishes evolutionary Intelligence to shape the future. We refer to the individual who is transformed inwardly as one with Yogic Presence. This paper advances the idea that a leader who commits to the path of inner transformation will impact the whole organization through their presence and in the way they create an energy field around them.

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Position Paper IAMSR Conference (September 2022)

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