Developing Inner Presence – a year-long immersion

We offer a year-long immersion into Inner Presence over the span of 3 Modules


Module I – Awakening Inner Presence

Foundational Program for Seasoned Leaders & Coaches

17 Weeks (Online) OR 4 Days (In-person)

In this program, the participants and the facilitators will co-create conversational spaces as containers that would seed and nurture such shifts. Through the process of co- holding and co-nurturing participants are invited to experientially become aware of their inner workings, which is the foundational step in participants transformative journey towards developing inner presence.

Learning Outcomes

  • Create awareness of feeling-qualia (“rasa”) that evokes /provokes our inner drama
  • Understand how our inner drama influences our attitude & behavior
  • Uncover the Archetypical Inner Figures that shape our identity
  • Discover how actions and behaviors emerge to shape the relationship and culture around
  • Develop a set of ongoing practices to help deepen our transformational journey

This is based on decades of work which has been synthesized and co-evolved with global cohort during 2020-2022.


What is Inner Presence?

‘Presence’ refers to the unique manifestation of our essence, catalysed in conducive contexts.

Our Internal state of mind  emotions, reactions, responses, moods, energy, beliefs, values and intentions are precursor to our decisions, our actions, and our impact.

Beyond Executive Presence – Executive Presence shapes our brand and impact. Inner Presence a pre-requisite for Executive Presence.


At IIW, we have distilled the core perspectives, principles and practices explicated in the wisdom texts like the Yoga Sutras, and Bhagavad Gita. Participants will be supported to become aware of the inner psycho drama and shift their field of action.

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