Developing Inner Presence – a year-long immersion

We offer a year-long immersion into Inner Presence over the span of 3 Modules


Module I – Awakening Inner Presence

Foundational Program for Seasoned Leaders & Coaches

17 Weeks (Online) OR 4 Days (In-person)

In this program, the participants and the facilitators will co-create conversational spaces as containers that would seed and nurture such shifts. Through the process of co- holding and co-nurturing participants are invited to experientially become aware of their inner workings, which is the foundational step in participants transformative journey towards developing inner presence.

Learning Outcomes

  • Create awareness of feeling-qualia (“rasa”) that evokes /provokes our inner drama
  • Understand how our inner drama influences our attitude & behavior
  • Uncover the Archetypical Inner Figures that shape our identity
  • Discover how actions and behaviors emerge to shape the relationship and culture around
  • Develop a set of ongoing practices to help deepen our transformational journey

This is based on decades of work which has been synthesized and co-evolved with global cohort during 2020-2022.

What is Inner Presence?

‘Presence’ refers to the unique manifestation of our essence, catalysed in conducive contexts.

Our Internal state of mind  emotions, reactions, responses, moods, energy, beliefs, values and intentions are precursor to our decisions, our actions, and our impact.

Beyond Executive Presence – Executive Presence shapes our brand and impact. Inner Presence a pre-requisite for Executive Presence.

At IIW, we have distilled the core perspectives, principles and practices explicated in the wisdom texts like the Yoga Sutras, and Bhagavad Gita. Participants will be supported to become aware of the inner psycho drama and shift their field of action.


Testimonials from Inner Presence participants:

“The Sakhi puts the other person at ease. For ourselves, it is a conscious practice. It is the ability to believe in our intuition. To hold space for myself versus the need to fix or seek external help. And begin asking reflective questions.”

“Utilise meditation as a tool. Take an incident that has happened and replay it – do it differently. The frameworks are helpful for coaching at the corporate level, at Yoga therapy and Yogi Counselling.”

Anil Surpur, Director Engineering at Ooma, San Jose and President, Yoga Bharati


“When guiding a person through a situation/challenge – asking yourself who are you? What is going on inside you? What level of nurturance are you offering? Are you the Sākṣi or the Sakhi?”

“Use the pyramid as a framework to understand the self and others. What happens when there is a balance of impairment in the pyramid? When the different cornerstones are present or absent? Or are the different faces incomplete? Develop experiential awareness.”

Dr. Thomas Milus – Change Coach & Consultant, Clinical Professor at Palmer College of Chiropractic


“Earlier there was performance pressure and preparation. Now there is fluidity and receiving. A healed perspective. Not an agitated one. Letting people connect when they need to. Opening up of the ability to listen. Touch that space and context within myself.”

Radhakrishnan, Former Director – Purchasing, Mann & Hummel


“The Sākṣi  is an eye-opener. It is like viewing the drama unfolding. It has become a conscious practice in my daily life – watching a reverse movie play. It is a cleansing exercise – just being with the experience. Each disturbance becomes an opportunity for growth. Pause. Look Within. Cleanse.”

Dr. Sreekumar TS, Associate Professor, Vivekananda Yoga University (VaYU), Los Angeles


“The idea of being a clean, sacred mirror – being a clean presence without malās – where I am resonating and purely reflecting without colouring with my individual qualities.”

“How is my internal structure made? What am I reflecting to my client? I use this term called the Avidya dismantler. Avidya is like the glue on the dress that is our mind. It accumulates anything and everything. You just tell the client, this is what you are looking like right now – it is your choice what you wish to take off.”

Somayaji Manikantan –ICF and EMCC certified Executive Coach


“The archetypes framework therefore really helped. I have been able to see through the victim and a very critical judge. The moment I’m getting scared for myself, that moment I know my victim has started playing. Now, the intensity of reaction has reduced and there is more calmness. I am no longer beating myself up”

Dinesh Chandra, Integral Well-being & Team-relationship Coach


This journey, I know, is for a life time or more!! But I chanced upon this program at a time that I felt was right for me. It made me take one big step towards understanding my patterns and conditions and towards seeing what are causing those patterns and a fair experimental understanding of who I need to embrace within to help me in this journey! As a parent, as a business owner and as a daughter I find myself acting from a space of more love and seeing things as they are and embracing what I see! During the program Raghu and Prasad engaged with each participant so deeply and I am still touched by the conversations we had!! This program has been a very important event in my spiritual journey.

Aparna Ravikumar, Entrepreneur, Bengaluru


The Inner Presence program enabled me to bring the focus from external events and situations to inside, and helped me to be more anchored amidst everything happening externally. I built better awareness of my default operative behaviors and habits at subconscious and unconscious levels, and became more present to every moment with more acute observations and listening. This enabled me to shift my perspective and response appropriately, and take actions with more choicefulness.

Overall I found the Inner Presence Program as a really powerful, experiential program led by truly great teachers and facilitators. The framework based on deep traditional Indian vedic wisdom is really powerful, and the format of the program with engaging peers is also really great. I highly recommend this program!

Vineet Verma, Director of Engineering @ 6Sense, Bengaluru


The workshop is a very unique and relevant topic. It showcased the power of Indic based management approaches that are very relevant to managing a consistent and context aware mindset (professional and personal). In specific still learning to use the knowledge gained into a practise.

Dr Shyam Sundaram (Senior Leader – Data Science/Al/ML)



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